A Lesson from Spinning


There’s power in a group.

I enjoy cycling. Several years ago I endeavored to cycle for a month by myself. Intending to travel from Boise to Yellowstone, I only made it to Idaho Falls.

Then, I yelled, “Mayday!”

Fortunately a friend from Boise came to my rescue and picked me up one week into my journey. I realized that I enjoy cycling but not cycling alone.

When I was getting ready for my month-long bike trek, I bought a trainer for my apartment. This is a device I can connect to my bike and cycle within the confines of my small living room. I tried it a few times, and now it sits in my closet. It was boring and I lacked motivation. Yet the other day, when I went to the gym, I did something similar. I got on a bike and pedaled. This time, though, was different from my apartment. I pushed myself; I enjoyed myself!

What was different? I was in a spinning class with a group of others doing the same as me. I found power in that group, power to endure despite pain and resistance.

This group wasn’t big, but I didn’t need it to be.