Who are we?

The Graffiti Network of ministries and churches believe being a follower of Jesus means sharing God’s love in tangible ways in the most difficult places. Rather than starting with a church that grows faithful people that then minister in the community, Graffiti turns this model upside down, beginning with ministry—meeting the need first.  This ministry-first model grows faithful people who strengthen the church and continue ministry in their community.

Over Graffiti’s 40-year history, beginning first in Metropolitan New York and now extending to other locales, principles and best practices have been developed. Sometimes counter-intuitive, these Upside Down Principles and Best Practices have become the bedrock for healthy, long-lasting, Biblically based ministry in communities of need.

Check out the websites of our ministry centers in New York City by clicking the links below to see some of their work firsthand:

Graffiti Community Ministries/East 7th Baptist Church

Graffiti 2 Community Ministries/Graffiti 2 Baptist Church

Graffiti 3 Ministries

Gotta Dance/Gotta Serve Community Ministries

Graffiti Coney Island