Church/School Partnerships

On Tuesday, June 18, Upside Down hosted a Virtual Gathering to discuss Church/School Partnerships. Girien Salazar from the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference and Marilyn Lee from Loving Houston were the featured guests.

Watch the video below to learn about:

  • Educational Equity

  • The Mission, Story, and Vision of Loving Houston

  • Best Practices & Resources for churches to partner with schools

As you watch the video, be on the lookout for these “pearls of wisdom:”

To address inequity in schools we must engage as stakeholders, address the systems that are the root cause of the inequity, place people of color in leadership positions so children of color can believe they can do the same thing.

Transformation moves at the speed of relationships . . .build long-term relationships with kids.

It helps to understand a child’s village.

To partner well, churches must (1) be committed for the long-haul— “be light, not lightning” (2) focus on the students’ well-being, and (3) partner, not adopt—let the school be the expert—churches should serve the school.

Watch the Virtual Gathering on Church/School Partnerships